How do I use voice control ?

Open the start menu, then click the Voice Control tab, then type in the start menu input then press enter, you can also use Chrome's microphone icon to speak the command.

Is CloudDesk Open Source ?

No ! CloudDesk is not open source. Copying any part of CloudDesk code is forbidden, even for personal use. If you find an illegal fork of CloudDesk, or a website containing parts of the CloudDesk code, please report it to

How to get more apps ?

There's a built-in add app functionality you can use. To use it, follow the following steps :

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Click on the add app button (scroll down)
  3. Fill in the dialog fields
  4. Click Add app
  5. Your app is now located in the app launcher

Javascript isn't working in one of my apps.

If you installed the app, make sure you let the app get permissions. If you didn't, then reinstall the app by checking the "Allow interaction with CloudDesk" checkbox. This is currently a bug, because the checkbox should only "allow interaction with CloudDesk".
If you did check the checkbox, then you should probably contact the maker of the app.

How can I develop apps for CloudDesk ?

CloudDesk apps are basically HTML Files. You can get involved by downloading the content framework and by checking our API. After you've developed your app :

  1. Compress into a .zip or .rar file.
  2. Upload anywhere (like mediafire or
  3. Send me a note on deviantART or email me at with a link to the file, the name which you want to appear for credits, and your own icon (not for the widget), plus a your website URL.
  4. Within 1-5 days, you will get a note back letting you know if it has been approved!

How can I customize CloudDesk ?

  1. Open the app launcher
  2. Click the settings tab
  3. Now you have all your settings !